Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first sex toys party

I went to my first sex toys party over the weekend and had a great time with friends learning about different types of sex toys and how to use them effectively. We had lots of drinks and laughs while asking questions and seeing things demonstrated on sex doll the party person brought along with her.

When getting ready to go to the party I almost called and canceled but was a glad not because it was really a great time both learning and laughing! If you ever get a chance get together some friends and throw a toy party sometime but remember to have it at a house with no kids home and to have plenty of drinks from beer to wine for guests!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The best store to buy adult movies!

Found this really awesome website that sells adult movies for rock bottom prices and believe me if I say they are cheap believe me they are cheap. They sell dvds blu-ray discs and even video on demand available 24/7.

This is the only place that I buy adult movies from because I trust them adn they have great prices and a huge selection of great sex videos to choose from. If your looking for some great adult films to buy then head over to the link in this post!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some awesome adult tube sites

Whenever you find something as cool as these things you know you have to share it with teh rest of the World as for one man to have knowledge of it would be a waste to all of man kind. What are they you ask well they are free porn sites. I know it sounds unbelievable but it is true and real go check them out for yourselves.

The first is called Desire Tube the called Your hot Tube and they both offer free porn videos to adults! So now that the secret is out go and get you some free porn! And do not forget to thank me!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Probably one of the best Lollipop songs ever!

This song by Lil Wayne called Lollipop is probably the best song ever done about a lollipop ever!. Now that said it is an adult song so do not have your little ones listening to this song because it aint about that kind of lollipop! If you have not heard this great tune from Lil Wayne and you are the legal age to listen to this type of music then click over on the link in this post asnd listen and watch this great song on YouTube!

Blog advertising made simple!

Every once ans a while something great comes a long and is so simple to do that you wonder why did nt I think of that. Kind of like Pert Plus that combined shampoo and conditioner together to make a huge hit in hair care products. It is simple and effective and that is whats up with this new company called Blogtising it is simple and effective by bringing together the two things need to make one awesome way for bloggers to make money and for advertisers to promote there products and services.

The real cool thing is that advertisers do not have to fear getting there web sites removed from teh search engines because o fusing this service because they have the no follow tag option you can use them and have no fear of bad things happening to your website. I was worried as a blogger something bad mihg thappen to my blog for using there service but when I saw that I knew I did not have to worry about being penalized for having the advertisement on my blog.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Never been to one but would love to one day

I am getting old and when you have had sex in every possible way with your loved one maybe one you will understand the desire to want to go out and explore with your partner other other sexual relationships. I have never been to an orgy I have seen plenty of adult films with them going on but I have never been to one myself either has my significant other but we both want to try one out to see what it is like.

Making sure to keep the flame alive is something everyone needs to do in a relationship and although I do not recommend starting out keeping the flame going this way you may end up wanting to do the same, one day. Anyways i am off to find an orgy see you later!

Probably a good idea to do so

If you own a website or a blog then you should probably go and tag it and some posts via different places that allow you to tag websites or blogs. In addition you should also go and submit your blog or website into various directories like DMOZ and Yahoos Directory. Asking for link trades and commenting on other peoples blogs is another good way to generate traffic and making sure your blog has content that is updated constantly is another good thing.

If you accomplish all this for your blog or website then your off to a great start I can assure you of that but there is a ton of more stuff you can do to get better search results and more traffic and by doing some research anyone can launch and successful online whatever in a matter on weeks.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The love toy shop online

When I get love toys for me and my loved one I always buy them from this cool sex toys shop online that sells just about every sex toy in the World. There are so many online adult toy stores today that sometimes it can be hard to find a great one that sells lots of products for cheap prices.

So if you find your self asking this same question know that the place I linked to here rocks and rolls baby!!

The best adult blogs

When I want to learn more about adult stuff I always turn to two blogs and I think you will agree that these two blogs are awesome adult blogs once you read them a bit. The first adult blog is called Adult Wordpress which uses Wordpress MU and has thousands of blogs about adult topics.

The second blog is a sex toys blog that focuses just on sex toys and has thousands of adult toys to take a look at because they offer both pictures and description of the toys they feature. So if your an adult and want to check out some cool blogs dedicated to you then check these two out for sure.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun times a thing of the past?

I wonder with how bad tings are going acorss the board here in America if all the good times have already been had and the worse is only coming. I point to a lot of different things happening to come up with my question for everyone. Do you think things are getting better and times are changing for the better?

Or do you think the exact opposite?

When is the last time you seen one?

My friend who has over 500 cable channels asked everyone this question at a poker night the other day and was acting like he is above watching an adult movie. So everyone the first time around was being prude in there answers and when it came around to my turn I told them the truth and about the others in the room that were lieing and that watching an adult movie if your an adult is perfectly fine and natural and hell even fun.

Then I asked him when was the last time he watched HBO or showtime late at night and he said just about every night he does and I told him to go shut the fuck up after that comment because those movies are just as adult as most dvds you can buy. So my question to you men is when is the last time to seen one and be real.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who you voting for?

I know who i am voting for but I wanted to know who you are going to vote for President and why? Me i am voting for Obama because I think it is time for a change in policies and because he is the best man qualified for the job in my opinion.

but like I said I was wondering who you were voting for and why so leave your answer in the comments.

Laser shaver one day

Would it not be cool to have a laser the you could shave with instead of having to use a razor. imagine how cool it would be never to get razor burn ora raxor cut because your shaving with a laser. i hope one day that something like this is invented for men everywhere.

My question to you is this what great inention for a man would you like to see get invented and why?

Heineken is the best period

My favorite beer in the World has to be Heineken because it tastes so dam good compared to the other brands. but I was wondering if anyone has tasted a better beer recently than this kind so hit me up with your favorite beer and why it is yours.

If you have never had the pleasure of drinking a Heineken and you are over 21 years old then go to the store and get you one and try it out and tell me you think.

Weeds is the smoking hot

Probably the best show on television or at least cable anyway is Weeds. It is very cleverly written and has lots of great jokes and a little bit of drama to say the least. if you do not have cable you can buy the past seasons and catch up but you will have to have Shotime in order to watch the newest episodes.

One of the hottest milfs on television is the star of this great flick and there is no doubt that the rest of cast and crew are great actors like the star. Should you get a chance check out the show sometime I will gaurentee a laugh or two each episode.

Has been quite some time

Well it has been quite sometime before I had a space of my own because I have been happily married for quite sometime with kids. So now that I have my own space here on blogger I am going to talk about all the great things that i have found in life and on the web so i have a place to easily find it and maybe you the reader will enjoy reading it to.

But I would also like to hear form you about what and where other great places are so please leave them in teh comments section.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whats up blogger peeps

Hello everyone this is Jerry Shill writing to you so i hope you will listen, lol. I am not looking to blog about World changing events anytime soon everything here will kind of be about what I consider to be cool on the internet and why so if you want to see what I consider cool then stick around your in for a treat.