Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blog advertising made simple!

Every once ans a while something great comes a long and is so simple to do that you wonder why did nt I think of that. Kind of like Pert Plus that combined shampoo and conditioner together to make a huge hit in hair care products. It is simple and effective and that is whats up with this new company called Blogtising it is simple and effective by bringing together the two things need to make one awesome way for bloggers to make money and for advertisers to promote there products and services.

The real cool thing is that advertisers do not have to fear getting there web sites removed from teh search engines because o fusing this service because they have the no follow tag option you can use them and have no fear of bad things happening to your website. I was worried as a blogger something bad mihg thappen to my blog for using there service but when I saw that I knew I did not have to worry about being penalized for having the advertisement on my blog.

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