Saturday, July 19, 2008

The love toy shop online

When I get love toys for me and my loved one I always buy them from this cool sex toys shop online that sells just about every sex toy in the World. There are so many online adult toy stores today that sometimes it can be hard to find a great one that sells lots of products for cheap prices.

So if you find your self asking this same question know that the place I linked to here rocks and rolls baby!!

The best adult blogs

When I want to learn more about adult stuff I always turn to two blogs and I think you will agree that these two blogs are awesome adult blogs once you read them a bit. The first adult blog is called Adult Wordpress which uses Wordpress MU and has thousands of blogs about adult topics.

The second blog is a sex toys blog that focuses just on sex toys and has thousands of adult toys to take a look at because they offer both pictures and description of the toys they feature. So if your an adult and want to check out some cool blogs dedicated to you then check these two out for sure.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun times a thing of the past?

I wonder with how bad tings are going acorss the board here in America if all the good times have already been had and the worse is only coming. I point to a lot of different things happening to come up with my question for everyone. Do you think things are getting better and times are changing for the better?

Or do you think the exact opposite?

When is the last time you seen one?

My friend who has over 500 cable channels asked everyone this question at a poker night the other day and was acting like he is above watching an adult movie. So everyone the first time around was being prude in there answers and when it came around to my turn I told them the truth and about the others in the room that were lieing and that watching an adult movie if your an adult is perfectly fine and natural and hell even fun.

Then I asked him when was the last time he watched HBO or showtime late at night and he said just about every night he does and I told him to go shut the fuck up after that comment because those movies are just as adult as most dvds you can buy. So my question to you men is when is the last time to seen one and be real.