Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best ring tone ever?

I just got a new phone and was going through a ton of ring tones to add to my phone but can not find the right tone so i was wondering what is the best ring tone to have on my new cell phone as I do not want it to be to trashy of a song or to lame of a song either.

But it got me to thinking what is the most used ring tone in the world? So then i figured why not just ask you , the reader of this awesome blog of mine and see what you thought or could dig up to answer this question of mine.

Dental emergency but better now!

Was out today running arons when all of a sudden while chewing some gum my far back toot started hurting badly and i was in need of a dentist fast. Being out of town i realized on my mobile for the closet Dentist in Brentwood the area I was in and found this awesome Dentist that did some x-rays and found it was from a cavity that needed filled.

Was so happy after wards because of the laughing gas that i got when getting it filled that my wife had to drive home because i was much like that one video called David after the Dentist on YouTube because I felt so good and was so happy that on a weekend i was able to be seen so fast.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I hope you like the music videos from Yahoo

Since the later part of last year I started posting Yahoo music videos that I liked here on my Google blogger. The reason being is that when I used to grab music videos from YouTube Googles service they would always come up not found when i would go back to watch them after embedding them. This made me very frustrated so i started using Yahoo music videos instead and they have never stopped playing or being there.

This is something Google should take a note on because it is one of very little things that Yahoo beat them on in my opinion and is why i use Yahoo videos today.

Been a busy shill for a bit

With so much going on in my life i have been a busy shill over the last couple of months from the Holidays to work to family and friends I have barely had any time for myself in the last 6 months to do anything but now that everything has settled down for awhile.

I am now looking forward to getting some things done online like blogging email social networking and other fun stuff i used to do all the time when i had lots o free time. Anyways it is good to be back and I am looking forward to staying around for quite a bit

Tuesday, September 22, 2009